Single component Shredder system

Waste disposal with System – The FAZ series Shredder system

Production residues, e.g. surface waste are crushed and entered into the extraction process via the shredder system. As the component of a modular and redundant Deltoid total system, and through the simplification of waste recycling in the production cycle, the amortisation period for the total investment is reduced. The costs for the internal transport are eliminated.


The Deltoid shredder system construction is designed for optimal energy efficiency and maximum availability in order to minimise the risk of facility downtime.

For a new system construction you save production space with the shredder system, since the extraction components can also be laid out under the floor, meaning you require less space for the forklift routes.

The robust construction of the shredder system stands for demanding continuous operation in the producing and processing industries, e.g. in the fields of paper, cardboard, aluminium foil, composite material etc.


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Deltoid system technology for maximum cost efficiency

  • The FAZ series shredder system is a modular system component, with which production lines can reach maximum cost efficiency
  • Tried and tested system technology, optimised dimensioning and the manufacture with proven construction components speak for themselves


Fields of application
  • Large-volume industry waste
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Aluminium, plastic foils
  • Palette residues
  • Production waste
  • Files, IT lists, floppy disks, CDs
  • Raw material recycling: Glass, plastics, paper etc.
Technical data

Feed and crushing

The material is fed into the crusher via the feed funnel.
The crushing process occurs through oppositely travelling und turning cutting shafts with knifes made of special steel.


The housing construction

The gear and cutter housing consists of a stable grey cast iron construction.
Both cutting shafts are located both in the traverse and in the gear housing, and sealed with sealing on the inner and traverse side of the housing.



The drive is carried out by the spur gear motor with downstream spur gear. Overload protection and an automatic reversing function are integrated into the controls.


Forwarding of the material

The crushed surface waste are either freely carried downwards into a container or extracted out charging hopper by a transportation fan and fed through a pipe into the recycling process.

  • High effectiveness
  • Wide range of application thanks to robust constructions
  • High cost efficiency thanks to simple waste recycling in production cycle
  • Maximum service life
  • High system availability
  • Maintenance-friendly and little maintenance work required
  • Less manual handling
Work and operational safety

Thanks to a number of improvements, the shredder system has a high level of safety.

  • Optimisation of handling
  • Reduction of manual work
  • Avoidance of high setup times
  • Reduction of maintenance work