Single component Rotational drum filter

Waste disposal with system – The RF series Rotational drum filter

With the use of the Rotational drum filters in a modular and redundant designed Deltoid total system, and thanks to the minimal work required for air cleaning, the amortisation period of your total investment is reduced.

For the manufacture of the rotational drum filters, state of the art production methods (CNC) and high quality materials are used. You will receive tried and tested system technology, where emphasis is placed on energy efficiency, optimal dimensioning, and the manufacture with high-quality components.


Thanks to its robust design and simple construction, the Rotational drum filter is immune against changing air and increase in dust quantity. Made in Germany! You can rely 100% on the quality and reliability of Deltoid drum filters and avoid the risk of facility downtime.


The robust design of the drum filter was developed for the demanding use in the producing and processing industries, e.g. in the areas of aluminium, paper, textiles etc.


Deltoid system technology for maximum cost efficiency, cleanliness and safety

  • The Rotational drum filter is a modular system component, with which production lines reach a maximum cost efficiency
  • The RF series Rotational drum filter is suited for de-dusting of large air amounts and an efficient permanent operation
  • For the configuration of the unit, the decisive factors are the air amount to be de-dusted under consideration of the dust characteristics as well as the emission values that are to be achieved
  • Explosion protection in accordance with ATEX


Technical data

The design

For the rotational drum filter, a walk-in filter chamber is required. In operation, air that is full of dust is transported into the filter chamber.



The filter drum is driven by a gear motor. The suction nozzle drive is carried out pneumatically on a ball bearing mounted linear guiding.


Flow profile, extraction and air return

When flowing through the drum filters, the dust settles on the outside of the filter medium. The cleaned air can be fed back into the working area or be led out into the air through a canal system. With the help of a switching device in the exhaust outlet, alternating operation (e.g. summer/winter) is also possible.

The cleaning of the filter material is carried out with one or more suction nozzles that move continuously along the trammel during operation. For this extraction, a mini dust extractor outside the filter chamber is provided. The dust is carried out into a dust collector that is easy to replace, while the air is fed back into the filter chamber.

  • Copes with large amounts of air
  • Continuous cleaning for uninterrupted operation
  • Low noise level
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • High operational availability
  • Maximum work safety
  • Low operating costs
  • Affordable filter medium
Work safety

Thanks to a number of improvements, the RF series Rotational drum filter provides a high level of work safety.

  • Optimization of handling
  • Prevention of long setup times
  • Reduction of noise level
  • Reduction of maintenance work


Explosions protection in accordance with ATEX

  • The built-in components comply with the explosion protection EXII2D, Zone 21