Rest roll machine 410

Infografik Deltoid GmbH Rest roll machine 410
  • 1 Rest roll loading station
  • 2 Waste fraction baling press
  • 3 Rest roll separator
  • 4 Husk loading
  • 5 Scrap packets

Waste disposal with system – The 410 series rest roller separator machine

With the 410 series rest roll separator machine, Deltoid offers you modular system technology for the surface waste that occurs in the area of coils, The roll rest is separated from the core, and, as with the head waste, is crushed via the shredder system and fed sorted into recycling.

Alternatively, the removed film web can also be directly carried out into a baling press and pressed.


The steel husks can be completely freed from paper or aluminium rests with an optional cleaning device and directly re-used.


These automatic processes lower costs, increase the speed in the production process and ensure a high level of work safety. The manual, internal material transport is minimised. The Deltoid extraction components can be laid out under the floor, meaning for a new system you required less space for the forklift routes.

Use a tried and tested system technology, where the construction focuses on a balanced dimensioning!! For the manufacture, only high quality components are used in order to permanently ensure the reliability of all Deltoid single components and systems.

The robust construction is designed for demanding permanent operation in the producing and processing industries in the fields of paper, cardboard, aluminium foil, synthetic foil and composite materials.


Deltoid system technology for maximum cost efficiency

The rest roll separator machine is a modular system component. With the use of this component, you, as a foil or paper producer / processer, are able to get highest prices for sorted separated waste materials (paper, cardboard, aluminium foil, composite materials etc.).


Sorted production waste generates a much higher price than recycling goods.



Components and functionality

A junk coil is brought into position with the rest roll separator machine. There, the coil is tensed using individually controlled arms. The automatic process can begin.

The junk coil is lifted and the cutting beam is lowered. The cutting tool begins to drive back and forth axially over the coil, whereby each time a cut with pre-set cut depth is carried out in the material.

The released film web can for instance be carried out into a baling press und pressed.

As soon as the material is finished, the steel husk is manually or automatically (Option) removed. The next work step can begin.


For an increase in productivity, a whole range of options are available.

  • Waste transport system
  • Rest roll supply table
  • Husk handling systems
  • Shredder system
  • Baling press
Advantages at a glance
  • High cost efficiency
  • Simple waste recycling in to production cycle
  • Short amortization times
  • Re-usability of husks
  • Less manual handling
  • Less in-house transport
  • Low noise level
  • Little maintenance work
  • High level of work safety
  • High system availability
Operational safety
  • The cutting process can be automatically monitored with a signal lock, in order to not overload the next step (Transport, Shredder, Press etc.)
  • Depending on the material specification, with the help of the respective parameters, an optimization or requested limit of the splitting process can be realised
Work safety

Thanks to a number of improvements, the 410 series Rest roller separator machine provides you as the producer with a high level of work safety.

  • Optimization of handling
  • Reduction of manual work
  • Reduction of noise level
  • Reduction of in-house transport / forklift driving