Surface waste

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Extraction units and material separator systems for surface waste

Deltoid plans and builds a wide variety of extraction and material separator systems for surface waste that are specifically designed as per the requirements of the customer and the on-site operating conditions. A tailor-made design guarantees maximum availability and ensures long-term cost efficiency.

Surface waste is directly extracted via specially formed suction hoods. The material separator and filter system separate the surface waste and dusts from the airflow. The extracted material can be directly transported into a recycling plant, a press, briquetting press or a container. The working environment stays free of disturbing material residues.


  • Increase in work safety:
    • By keeping the work environment free of disturbing material waste and impurities
    • By avoiding the necessity of driving a forklift for the transport of excess material
  • Time and cost saving, since excess material does not need to be manually removed by the workers
  • Increase in system speed through the integrated extraction of excess material

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