thinking for the future of the next generations - ecologically!
thinking for the future of the next generations - ecologically!

Due to ever-increasing production and cutting speeds, Deltoid’s products have gained in importance in recent years.


The extraction and disposal of the edge strip is an integral part of the cutting process. Only when the extraction system and cutting process are optimally coordinated both mechanically and electrically can we get a clean cut and thereby perfectly cut and wound coils.  Each Deltoid extraction system is built according to the requirements of the customer and the on-site operating conditions. This makes it possible to achieve highest production quality at maximum roll speeds.



Deltoid consults, plans, develops and designs feasibility studies for complete extraction systems right through to sorted production waste recycling. An increase in energy efficiency can also occur through heat recovery through heat exchangers in the air return.

A study carried out in close cooperation with the customer, with exactly defined operating conditions guarantees optimal system availability with long-term energy cost savings. This way, a complex complete system can also be extended in modules in multiple construction steps.


Along with single smaller extraction systems, Deltoid also offers highly complex entire systems.


Sorted production waste recycling is an essential contribution to environmental protection and conservation of resources.

Besides long-term energy cost savings, sorted production waste additionally generates the highest prices for recycling. Short amortisation times are thereby guaranteed.




A high level of technical expertise, committed workers and constant research and development for better, innovate solutions for the requirements of our customers is what makes Deltoid stand out and our foundation for success.

Together with the customer it is possible to practically implement the great demand for production flexibility, maximum system availability and cost efficiency.