Single component noise insulation

Waste disposal with system – Efficient noise insulation

For the reduction of noise emissions, Deltoid offers you a wide variety of efficient noise insulation solutions. These include for instance:

  • Simple small ventilator encapsulation
  • In an easy-to-disassemble version for quick maintenance of the ventilators
  • Large walk-in sound absorbing hood with doors or gates
  • Noise insulated covering of system components
  • Sound absorbing hoods with frame for, ceiling or wall attachments for example
  • Inline silencer for pneumatic material transport
  • Splitter silencer
  • Individual solutions

Besides optimal access for maintenance personnel / operators, Deltoid noise insulation solutions protect effectively against noise. They are thus an essential component of the health and work protection.


Advantages at a glance

A reduction of noise pollution at work

  • Improve work and life quality
  • Maintains health / hearing
  • Reduces stress and stress-related illness
  • Improves performance