Single component Material separator

Waste disposal with system – The FA series Material separator

In the facilities with pneumatic transport of waste, the separator serves to separate substances and the air that was used for the transport.


The conception of this unit guarantees a simple connection and a negligible energy requirement.


The pressure loss in the separator is approx. 20 daPa in comparison to conventional / traditional cyclone separators with approx. 80-100 daPa.


The material separator is already used in a wide variety of sectors.
Whether in the paper, cardboard packaging, composite materials, metal or synthetics industry, the separator masters these tasks effortlessly and excels in ensuring high availability.


For the manufacture of the material separator, the most modern methods (CNC) and high-quality materials are used. Thanks to its robust layout and simple construction, the material separator is impervious to / against changing air and waste quantity changes.



Components and functionality

The separator is a static unit that consists of a stretch housing, in which an oblique, inserted grate at the side.


Thanks to an adjustable deflector at the entry side of the unit, an air cushion is created parallel to the grating. The medium to be separated glides on this air cushion and falls downward to the discharge point. The air then goes through the oblique grating. Depending on the requirements of the clean gas values, a filter unit can easily be attached downstream after the flat separator.


Openings fastened to the sides ensure a quick control of the function of the separator.

Advantages at a glance
  • High operational availability
  • Low energy requirement, high cost efficiency
  • Compact construction, meaning minimal space requirement
  • Resistant against material- und air quantity fluctuations
  • Wide range of application
  • Long service life of separator grating
  • Maintenance-friendly
Special models

For very abrasive materials, the material separator is available in a wear-resistant version, or in stainless steel.

For the use with extremely adhesive materials, an optional coating of non-stick coating can be applied.