Single component Diverter valves

Diverter valves

Waste disposal with System – Diverter valves for pneumatic transport facilities

Deltoid diverter valves are used mainly in material material-leading feed pipes.
The diverter valves are developed under consideration of the flow characteristic laws and designed for the material transport and deflection of the flow rate to different waste fractions. Thanks to a sealing built into the damper leaf, the travel flow is sealed. The switching of the Diverter valves can be carried out either using and electro mechanical or electro pneumatic drive, or using a hand-operated switch. The sealing of the closed conveying line is carried out, depending on the use, by a special sealing in the flap body. Built-in switch ensure the right position of the flap position and monitor the switched direction of transport.


The Deltoid diverter valve is especially manufactured for the respective use, and available in various diameters and versions (e.g. two or three-way-diverter valves). For very abrasive materials, diverter valves are available in a water-resistant version. For the use of extremely adhesive materials, an optional non-stick coating can be applied.



The Diverter valves consists of a stable and completely welded diverter valve housing, the swivel arm with turn flap and the electro mechanical, electro pneumatic or manual drive. The sealing of the closed conveyor line is carried out, depending on the use, using a special sealing in the flap body.

  • Quick flap position change
  • High-quality, compact and robust design
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Maximum operational safety through monitoring of point positioning
  • Optimal flow characteristics