Single component Chopper fan

Waste disposal with system – The ZV series chopper fan

The suction, crushing, and the pneumatic transport of production waste are the most important functions of a facility for the recycling of production waste.

For the solution of this task, Deltoid offers the chopper fan. Thanks to its robust construction, this is well suited to the task in many different fields / branches.



Some typical fields of application
  • Edge strip extraction an edge-trimming cutters
    • Paper/cardboard
    • Plastic foil
    • Aluminium foil
    • Composite materials
  • Press screen und scrap extraction in drink and can manufacture
  • Punch waste und press screen in the cardboard packaging industry
  • Edge cut-off of insulation (Glass or mineral wool)

Thanks to the precise manufacture, the long service life that goes along with it and the high efficiency of up to 60%, the chopper fan plays a significant role in increasing cost-efficiency and lowering the company’s operating costs.

Technical data for the main components

The rotor

The open radial rotor is equipped with removable knifes made of highly alloyed tool steel with a special profile, and is produced using state of the art laser technology. Reliable crushing and a long service life are thus guaranteed.


Valve inlet, suction side

For the classic problems, the ventilator is equipped with an adjustable suction nozzle. This ensures the crushing of production waste of all types.



The ventilator motor in the form of a belt drive is dimensioned in such a way as ensure that it can withstand shocks that can occur through the flow of material without a problem. The dimensioning of the bearing takes place using the same criteria. The whole construction is notable for its extreme stability.

The frequency converter operation, the speed / performance of the chopper fan can be optimally set up for the respective production process. This also contributes to the energy cost saving.

Advantages at a glance
  • High effectiveness
  • Low drive power
  • Wide range of application thanks to robust construction
  • High cost efficiency thanks to recycling of waste into the production flow
  • Long service life
  • High availability
  • Maintenance-friendly
Special versions

For very abrasive materials, the chopper fans are available in a wear-resistant version or in stainless steel.

For the use of extremely adhesive materials, an optional coating of non-stick coating can be applied.