Single component Centrifugal separator / cyclone

Waste disposal with system – The HR-D/V-D series centrifugal separator / cyclone

The Deltoid centrifugal separator is available in various construction sizes. It is used everywhere, where dry and free-flowing dusts with high flow properties and chippings occur in the processing of aluminium, metal and synthetics.


Construction and design can be adjusted to suit the specific purpose.



The cyclone separator consists of a rotation symmetrical upper housing with tangential inlet spiral, the immersed pipe and the conic lower part. The separated production wastes can be transferred into a briquetting press, a press container, chipping pail or many others under the cyclone.

Thanks to the simple layout and robust construction, it can be used almost anywhere in long-term operation at low maintenance levels and low operating costs.


Depending on the clean gas value requirements, the filter system is connected downstream. The extracted air can thus be transported back into the workroom.


The cyclone is also available in stainless steel or in a wear-proof version.


Deltoid HR-D/V-D series Centrifugal separator: Designed for easy long-term operation.


For the chipping extraction at:

  • Milling machines
  • Lathe
  • Circular saws, band saw
  • Edge milling machines
  • Boring mill
  • Planing machine
  • etc.

For the dust extraction at:

  • Billet grinding machine
  • Bagging machine
  • Bucket conveyor
  • Silo discharges
  • Grinding and cutting machines
  • etc.


Technical data
Deltoid Zyklon

Flow profile, extraction und Air return

The airflow polluted with chippings and dust is fed into the rotationally symmetrical extraction room above tangentially and flows inside and downwards in a spiral form. In the same direction of rotation, the air is fed inwards and upwards. It leaves the cyclone through the centrally located immersion pipe into the air (see right fig.)


Chippings and dust are carried to the outer wall of the cyclone through the centrifugal force, and eliminated at the bottom by gravity.

The eliminated waste materials are collected under the cyclone in an integrated waste bin.


Depending on the requirements of the purity level, the extracted air can be fed back into the workroom. Alternatively, simple filter bags or automatically cleaning filter systems can be attached downstream.

  • Copes with large air volumes
  • Wide spectrum for implementation thanks to robust construction
  • Minimal space requirement thanks to compact construction
  • Continual cleaning for an uninterrupted operation
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • High operating availability
  • Low operating costs
  • High level of work safety
Special versions

For very abrasive materials, the centrifugal separator is available in a wear-resistant or stainless steel version.

For the use of extremely adhesive materials, an optional non-stick coating can be applied.