Single component cartridge / hose-type filter

Waste disposal with system – The JP series cartridge / hose-type filter

Deltoid JP und JS series de-dusting instruments help to keep the air pure and are suited for permanent operation.


By leading the air into the filter housing and the pre-separation that goes with larger, heavier, sometimes abrasive dust particles, many advantages result, like for instance the reduced dust quantity increase of the filter medium, a reduced filter surface load and reducing the stress of the filter medium.


The filter unit is delivered fully mounted, and for larger units separated into an upper and lower part.


The electrical system piece generally consists of two components:

  • The electrical filter control
  • The magnet valve




When in operation, the dust air flows through the raw gas entry point into the pre-separation chamber and then finally into the raw gas room. Here, the dust is stored when passing through the filter elements on the outside. The cleaned air is led through the pure air room.


The regular cleaning of the dirty filter elements is carried out automatically with a filter control. Here, the suitable pneumatic valve provides an air shock into the interior of the filter elements, thereby cleaning off the stored dust on the outside.

The air shock impulse is extremely short, meaning that no reduction in the air rate flow is registered.


The de-dusting instruments can be equipped with various dust removal systems and are therefore suitable for a wide variety of applications.


The installation of the filter elements is carried out, depending on the model, either from above or through the sidewall.

The attachment of the cartridges is carried out with three screws each. When attaching from below (through the side wall), the sealing is already fastened with the cartridge.


When attaching from above, each cartridge requires an O- ring sealing. This is pushed over the cartridge and under the flange.

Advantages at a glance
  • Low amount of air pressure
  • Long service life of filter cartridges
  • Low noise level
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • High operational availability
  • Maximum work safety