Single component Baling press

Waste disposal with System – The SPK series Baling press

With the SPK series Baling press, Deltoid offers you an efficient solution for the economical sealing and storage of production waste.


Unlike loose waste, pressed packages are easier to charge and melt. Since the resulting packets are free from impurities, they also receive a higher price as recycling material.


Through the use of the baling press, transport and storage costs for the waste packets can be reduced by up to 30%. The compact cubes that result from the pressing are also suitable for small storage areas. The pressed packets can also be optimally stored on palettes and loaded with stapler.

The two / three-step press, with its robust design as a massive welded construction, is designed for the demanding / heavy permanent operation in press and stamp operations, for instance In the automobile and non-ferrous metal industries. The facility is designed in such a way as to enable large amounts of production waste to be compressed into highly dense, easy to transport packets with a width of 300 or 400 mm.


Quality and reliability! The Deltoid Baling press is constructed for maximum availability and optimal energy efficiency.


Deltoid system technology for maximum cost efficiency, operational and work safety

  • The SPK series baling press is a modular component with which a production line can achieve maximum cost efficiency
  • Thanks to the visualisation of all processes, the system can be integrated into production lines and can be serviced via modem
  • Each machine can be operated by hand or fully automatically
  • Reduction of manual work
  • Avoidance of long Setup times
  • Reduction of maintenance work


Technical data

The model programme

In total, five sizes are available in the programme, where types 100-2 and 150-2 pressed on two levels, while types 100-3 to 350-3 compress the material three-dimensionally.


The construction

All components of the three-step press that touch the scrap are equipped / covered with wear plates, which have a special wave profile.


Compression stages

The SPK series Baling press is available with 2 or 3 pressing stages.


Pressable materials

  • Steel, stainless steel
  • Aluminium/- foils
  • brass
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Body panels from the automobile industry
  • Deltoid system technology for maximum cost efficiency, since the resulting waste material packets are free of impurities and thus achieve better prices as recycling material
  • Modular system technology for the integration in production lines
  • The compactly pressed volume optimizes in-house logistics and storage, reducing costs
  • Tried and tested system technology in robust construction, manufactured with tried and tested components that have been proven many times over simple recycling of punch waste into production cycle